You started your business to make profit. It is not a dirty word, and the profits you return can deliver your personal goals and aims. The road is not always straightforward. Growing pains are common in maturing businesses. The challenges of letting others take responsibility or the balance of looking long term while making sure customers are delighted today, or managing cash flow when dealing with larger customers. These are some of the challenges you will face as your business develops.

Where to start with business development

Business development is a complex process

The reality is  the bigger the organisation gets, the lonelier the seat at the top. Time to transition from being the entrepreneur to a leader and manager of others in the organisation. Sounds daunting, and can be if you try to scale this peak alone.

At times like these, access to a panel of trusted advisers can prove to be very valuable. As well as expertise in planning finance, sales, marketing and operations, many of our team understand the aspects and enablers that make a business tick over smoothly – clear communications, performance standards and management, lean systems, structures and effective management.

At all times, though, one output remains the goal – increasing profits.

Our “5 P’s of Profit” model focuses on improving profitability through planning, people, processes, performance and procurement.


TRAINING & DEVELOPMENT, COACHING, MENTORING. Leadership, management, operations, CI, performance, planning, soft skills, SME business skills…and many more.


Improving efficiency and reducing waste. Adopting lean thinking to make systems easier – design around people.


Bringing blue chip thinking and systems to sme’s.


Linking the 3 year plan to the next 3 months – how what people do now impacts on the big picture.


More effective, global supplier connections, negotiation and sourcing of materials and services

This is delivered through an approach based on common sense. Using a diagnostic tool to understand areas for improvement, then prioritising and planning, and focusing resources and people on making a sustainable difference, and more profit.

Our process starts with a diagnostic process, and we have built an online model and process to facilitate this, as explained in the video below. To access the Pinpoint4 model, please visit the website,


A key challenge for businesses is linking the longer term vision for three years with activity in the short term (3 month and 12 months) to assign responsibility and drive change. We have a unique process to assist SME in this planning process, which provides low cost and effective means for business development. Contact us now to start your journey to a more profitable future.



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