Organisations are constantly evolving and improving. This is driven by the need to remain competitive, and yet maintain profitability through challenging all aspects of the business.

Change leads to numerous benefits, but also brings a number of challenges, key among them being communication to staff, and getting them involved in the process. This is paramount to success in making the change sustainable.

Our team have experience of planning and implementing change programs for clients, from blue chip to SME’s. Driven by mergers, acquisitions, or through internal need for change, the process needs to be clear and well managed.

We can work with, lead or simply guide your teams through a change program, and the key steps in the process are the same:

change management

Our intervention can be as the catalyst for change, or in more of an advisory or mentoring capacity. Either way, we will work with you to design change programs so that the benefits are sustained. This is done through involving people at every stage, and giving them responsibility within the process. Once results delivered, then their input needs to be acknowledged and recognised.

Recent projects have included:

  • Design of performance management system and factory layout for a small food manufacturer, increasing efficiencies and outputs, and allowing for individual efforts to be measured and managed.
  • Designing and developing an online strategy for a client to create new income stream opportunities and add to business value as part of 10-year exit plan.
  • Lead role in the rationalisation of a UK dairy business to align sites with core capabilities and technologies. Involved factory closure and managed transfer of technology.

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