Operating globally, our support to manufacturers is wide ranging, and can be tailored to suit the requirements, budget and timescales of the client. All our support programs are designed and delivered through your people, so that they are involved, engaged and develop ownership of change through the process.

The following elements of support are available to manufacturers of any size and location across the globe.

  • Consultancy – helping identify gaps, opportunities and efficiencies to ultimately deliver more profits for our clients.
  • Project Management – based on our rich experience in starting up factories, relocating client operations and leading change in global blue chip organisations, we can help plan and manage your change programs. From strategically looking at assets to rationalisation planning or finding and moving operations to new premises, we can work with your team every step of the way.
  • Change Management – along with death and taxes, one of the permanent fixtures in today’s environment is change. Developing ownership, accountability and performance in organisations is paramount to being effective and efficient. Supporting this change with leadership, communication and knowledge development is imperative to making change stick.
  • Interim Management – at senior executive level, or front line management level, it is imperative to have the right management team in place. We can provide stop gap solutions to provide senior and middle management resources to a client to facilitate change. This helps clients bridge the recruitment gap while seeking the right permanent manager. Our team our known for their charismatic and engaging approach to change
  • Cost reduction – using our global networks, we can source alternative suppliers to reduce your direct costs and indirect costs – a direct impact on the bottom line. 
  • Continual Improvement –as with all support, we operate on designing programs that suit your organisation in terms of culture and capability. From implementing basic processes (standard ops, 5S) through to more complex lean and kaizen programs, we lend our practical knowledge to your teams to find a way to drive performance, change and ownership.
  • Training and Development – a range of programs are offered and can be tailored to your needs – from our intensive Operations Management programs, through to shorter toolbox training, such as lean, 5S, problem solving, FMEA, Root Cause Analysis and many more.

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Manufacturing and operations improvement is an imperative for the future. Contact us now via enquiries@i2iconsultants.co.uk to discuss how we can help you manage your challenges and prepare your site for the future. 

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