With the experience of viewing business practice across a number of cultures, it is interesting to reflect on some of the differences, particularly in the approach to planning and implementing a course of action cialis 20mg pas cher.
Whereas the Eastern cultures will take more time to plan, and to secure “buy in” from those involved, many UK businesses are all too keen to make snap decisions, and jump straight into implementation. Perhaps it reflects the nature of the individual, as the UK seems to have a high proportion of “doers” – i.e. those who leap into a challenge or decision.
To succeed with this approach does need an element of luck, and will generate a degree of uncertainty and insecurity in the business. A “let’s win the contract and then wonder how to deliver” approach relies a lot on experience and trust in those driving the business forward. The “do-er” led approach can lead to short term view on performance and lack of coherence from the longer term strategies to action today.
There is also a major difference between larger organisations and the SME community in the UK. From the blue chips and multinationals, who will have a balance between plan-do-review, and will also measure their performance at a number of levels, and against a range of KPI’s, to those surviving on a wing and a prayer, the spectrum of attitudes to management and performance is extensive.
“I don’t have time” or “my accountant takes care of that” are lines commonly uttered when asking business owners as to the health of their operation…ouch!!

Well, help may be at hand for those business owners and executives seeking to strike a balance between planning and doing. A low cost business diagnostic tool will provide business owners the opportunity to review where they are now, and where they wish to be against a range of criteria. The full model and system can be found at www.pinpoint4.com. Benefits of using it are numerous:

  • Assistance with planning and prioritising activities in the business.
  • Identifying and aligning resources to activities.
  • Engaging with staff to gain their views on the business.
  • Locating specific expertise in your region.

To find out more, email our lead adviser on ian@i2iconsultants.co.uk, and start taking control of your business.

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