Through networks and organisations, we are able to identify and provide access to expertise on a global basis for clients.

Accredited by the Institute for Independent Business, www.iib.ws, we are able to access a broad group of consultants with different functional expertise and industry backgrounds. This can help open doors for establishing global opportunities for clients, or finding companies for sale or potentially buyers for our client’s businesses.

Supplementing this is a network of international personal contacts, with a wealth of experience and knowledge you can access.

While based in the North East of England, we travel globally to support clients in the manufacturing and food/drink sectors.

To support the nature of the projects and work we undertake, we have built up a network of international and UK contacts to facilitate improvements and provide expertise to clients in areas. We will be the first to acknowledge that we don’t know all the detail and all the answers, but we are certainly able to introduce expertise to clients as and when required.

Common areas where we introduce trusted affiliates and partners:

  • Financing and re-financing businesses
  • Food safety and quality systems, including HACCP and other aspects.
  • Management systems, such as ISO9001.
  • Buying and selling of businesses – we can often find buyers or sellers, and work with partners on the process and administration of the process.
  • Exporting
  • Sales and marketing – from brand development through to channel and customer sales activity
  • Product design and development
  • Advice on protection of IP.
  • Overseas sourcing and supply

We will only use affiliates we know personally and trust to deliver results for our clients. We have invested time and effort in building these contacts, so you don’t have to. Contact us now, and if we cannot help, we will know someone who can.


Contact us at enquiries@i2iconsultants.co.uk to discuss your needs.

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