Once established, the secret of longevity and success is managing sustainable & profitable growth. Sounds easy, but balancing supply and demand, keeping an eye on cashflow and dealing with staff are all crucial to building your organisation.

You started your business to make a profit. It is not a dirty word. Growing sales is the start point for all businesses, but once established, then it is a combination of sales growth, efficiency, smart procurement and empowered people who deliver sustainability to a business.

The road is not always straightforward. Growing pains are common in maturing businesses. The challenges of letting others take responsibility or the balance of looking long term while making sure customers are delighted today. Managing sustainable & profitable growth presentsa range of challenges to face as your business develops.

Our 5 P’s for profit model will help you achieve sustainable growth through maintaining a balance between top line growth and bottom line performance.


TRAINING & DEVELOPMENT, COACHING, MENTORING. Leadership, management, operations, CI, performance, planning, soft skills, SME business skills…and many more.


Improving efficiency and reducing waste. Adopting lean thinking to make systems easier – design around people.


Bringing blue chip thinking and systems to sme’s.


Linking the 3 year plan to the next 3 months – how what people do now impacts on the big picture.


More effective, global supplier connections, negotiation and sourcing of materials and services

This is delivered through an approach based on common sense. Assessing gaps and opportunities, then prioritising and planning, and focusing resources and people on making a sustainable difference, and more profit.



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