Tailor made Training & Development for your Organisation

When it comes to employee engagement and learning, our approach is to make our sessions informative, but also practical, so that the tools, techniques and learning we provide can be put into practice to improve the current situation.

Training is an investment, and should make a difference: the presentation below shows how we work in terms of making a difference

Four broad categories of courses are available, with a range of delivery options from open courses through to in house delivery within your organisation

The four categories are:

Leadership and Management

Operations Management and Continuous Improvement •

Communication and Soft Skills

Small business skills

Our Courses

The lists below show some of the courses which we can develop for your team. The list is not exhaustive, and we are more than happy to be contacted to discuss your particular requirements.

Leadership and Management 

Leadership Principles and the differences between leadership and management

Change management and leading change

Performance Management

Great leaders and what we can learn.

Operations Management and CI

Kaizen in Practice

Lean thinking/7 wastes

Visual management and 5S in practice

Getting the best out of your teams

Operations Management and effective communications

Continuous Improvement as a Culture

Performance management and measurement – from the scoreboard to the appraisal process

Communications and Soft Skills 

Making communication effective.

Understanding and managing personality types

Managing conflict

Assertiveness and influencing skills

Involving and engaging with staff

Teamworking – secrets to great teams

Small Business Skills

Networking effectively

Business planning

Customer service – your chance to stand out

Differentiation and getting noticed.



Helping you to get the best out of your people. Contact enquiries@i2iconsultants.co.uk for an initial discussion of needs and aims.

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