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PPeople – the key to unlocking your business’s potential

While a business grows, the demands on the business owner, and staff at all levels, will change considerably. With reference to the E-Myth (Michael Gerber),the business owner needs to juggle three “hats” – the entrepreneur, the technician and the manager. Personal transitionVery often, the first two (i.e. the person who takes the plunge and the risks, and the person with the technical skills – e.g. engineer, cake maker, swimming teacher) are managed comfortably, but when asked to then manage other people, who will undertake the technical tasks (e.g. teaching swimming), then the business owner faces a number of challenges – how to manage someone and let go at the same time? How can I get management information to steer the business, and also to help me develop ownership and accountability?

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Building Business

BExcellence in Business comes in many forms:

The business life cycle is familiar to many, but the changes of focus and priority during the evolution of an organisation place demands on the people and the processes within. From starting out with a business plan and some investment if needed, to managing growth – recruitment, sales, account management, downturns, capacity, supply chain management – and on to exit planning (acquisition, winding up..etc), it makes sense for business owners and directors to have at hand an impartial resource who can help them manage the process.

Changing demands of a business

Business Evolution – how priorities can change


  • Our experience, and that of our associates, means that we can understand where you are in the cycle.
  • Our knowledge and understanding can provide the right advice at the right time.
  • Our diagnostic tools can assist with communication and setting of priorities on a regular basis.

Services range from occasional business reviews and performance monitoring, typically every 2-3 months, through to intensive support projects. Through our regional and global resource networks, we can pinpoint and provide resources to assist you in achieving your dreams through your business.

Our focus on profit will help ensure that growth can be planned, managed and delivered in a sustainable manner.




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