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Building Profits

PProfit…the vehicle for delivering your dreams and for building your business to the next level.

All to often, though, the drivers are profit are lost in the process of business growth, or due to other circumstances. In the rush for achieving more sales, losing sight of what actually makes money can be lost. As a practice, we work on improving the four P’s of profit listed below, and enabling clients to enjoy the fruits of their labour:

  • Processes. Are your systems and business processes efficient and effective? Do they achieve the desired outputs? Whether the sales process, handling customer service issues, or manufacturing processes, there is likely to be waste involved, and adopting a lean approach across any business can have a significant impact on profitability – releasing time, resources and often cash into the business.
  • People. The most common reason for people not doing what you expect is that “they thought they were doing what was expected” or “they didn’t know what was expected”. From recruitment through to job specifications and then managing performance and training, it is important to enable people to develop to their potential, and thus build the capacity and capability of the business.
  • Performance. Small businesses can succeed through luck and some judgment, but those who actually establish and monitor a range of measures will enhance their chances of success. From conversion rates in the sales process through to operational indicators like efficiency or capacity utilisation, a business needs to know where it is on a regular basis. Understanding today’s performance can lead to a process of review and improvement in the future, and be used to motivate and involve staff in the process of continual business improvement.
  • Procurement. As with improving performance, a major profit driver is the constant challenging of costs. Negotiating with suppliers, reducing overheads and managing contracts is all part of the equation.

If you want to find more profit in your organisation, then contact us for a “profit drivers” review.

Developing Business

HHelping you identify and achieve what you want from your business:

As a practice, we specialise in identifying the key drivers of profit in an organisation, and working with clients to ensure they are getting what they wanted from their business.

Combining experience of running blue chip operations alongside many years of supporting and helping smaller organisations to grow and flourish, we focus on delivering results that make a real difference to business performance and profitability.

Our services are delivered on a regional, national and global basis, with every client receiving tailor made support that is designed to suit their business position.

Our principal sectors supported include:

  • SME businesses in the North of England.
  • Food and drink manufacturers and retailers in the UK.
  • Manufacturing companies of all sizes who are seeking to grow and wanting advice on how to manage the process and change involved.
  • Organisations seeking to improve the capability and capacity of their staff at all levels, especially in today’s climate of change.

Services range from occasional business reviews and performance monitoring, typically every 2-3 months, through to intensive support projects. Through our regional and global resource networks, we can pinpoint and provide resources to assist you in achieving your dreams through your business.